Simplify Mobile Printing

In today’s business environment, it’s likely that the majority of your people rely on mobile devices, but tedious print workarounds can discourage productivity. Guests can also become frustrated if they have to get established on the network before they can print. With the Printer Package, you get simple, efficient mobile printing — with no need to track down special print drivers or work through the process of getting onto the network.

With the ICE Printer Package* you can:

  • Enable simple mobile device printing for employees and guests
  • Enjoy Ricoh ICE printing features from your single function printer
  • Protect your information with secure document release
  • Get up and running quickly with little to no IT involvement
  • Reduce waste and improve sustainability by not releasing obsolete print jobs

*The Ricoh ICE Printer Package can only be sold with Smart Operation Panel equipped single function printers; requires the Hard Disk Drive option

Person using a mobile device

Here’s how it works

Person using a tablet

The Printer Package makes submitting print jobs from your mobile devices quick and easy. Just send an email with your files attached to Receive an email with print release codes for each document. Visit any ICE/Print Cloud enabled Ricoh single function printer and enter the release code to print. You don’t need to choose a printer in advance because your documents can come to you. Print attachments in a number of file formats — such as Microsoft Word®, Excel® or PowerPoint®, PDFs, photos, webpages and even email body text. You can also control output settings at the printer — including the number of copies, duplex, layout and more.

Secure your information

Say goodbye to having your information sitting around on the paper tray for anyone to glance at or even pick up by mistake. Because documents are only printed once the release code is entered, print jobs wait until you’re ready. Your print data is protected in transit to the selected device using 256-bit encryption, and each release code is valid for one week.

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Gain new productivity from Ricoh devices

People working next to an MFP

You can get started using ICE quickly and easily — so everyone can enjoy newfound productivity from the ICE/Print Cloud enabled Ricoh single function printers in your office. Since ICE is a cloud service, there’s no need for servers, system integration, software updates or maintenance. Ricoh handles the technology behind the scenes and maintains the service, so users have the freedom to easily print information while on the move — without being bound to a specific device. Enhance your mobile print productivity with the Ricoh Integrated Cloud Environment Printer Package.