Increase law office productivity with digital processes

Today’s law firms and legal departments are experiencing economic pressures from their clients to become more efficient, and assistants are being tasked to support more attorneys with fewer resources. The RICOH Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) Legal Package is designed to meet the needs of today’s law offices and to make it easy for office staff to convert documents and send them where they need to go — in the right format.

With the ICE Legal Package you can:

  • Scan multiple stacks of documents in a single operation with batch scanning
  • Scan and convert documents to the appropriate file sizes per court guidelines
  • Bates stamp court documents during scanning
  • Convert hardcopy documents to editable digital formats
  • Scan and send by email or directly to Office 365, Google drive and more from the ICE-enabled device
  • Print your documents from tablets and smartphones
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Prepare documents for court efiling plus Bates Stamping

At the ICE-enabled Ricoh device, documents can be scanned, converted to the appropriate file format and split into file sizes according to the guidelines of the court. No need for trial and error scanning trying to guess the number of pages that can fit within a certain file size. Bates Stamping is also available when there is a requirement to number documents with unique identifiers for reference and retrieval. Set the starting number and automatically Bates label during the scanning process. With newly added batch scanning functionality, you can scan multiple stacks of documents in a single operation. This feature is very useful when the stack of documents to be scanned exceeds the capacity of the MFP’s document feeder.

Increase productivity with digital processes:

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Unlock information on paper

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When law office staff have to spend valuable time manually re-creating data, time adds up and work backs up. With the Legal Package, attorneys can harness the information traditionally trapped in paper files. Instead of having assistants re-type documents one at a time, use built in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities to transform hardcopy pages into practical documents that can be searched, edited and shared. Ricoh ICE converts scanned documents into multiple digital file formats — including Word®, Excel® and PDFs. With fewer staff touches to process documents and faster attorney access to critical information, your firm or legal department can save valuable time.

Scan direct and save steps

Traditional processes for uploading scanned files into popular cloud applications — such as Office 365™, Google Drive™ and others — can become cumbersome and inefficient. With the Legal Package, hardcopy documents can be scanned and uploaded directly into these and many other popular cloud apps with a single scanning step. Just choose a location, file format and desired settings, and your documents will appear as digital files in your chosen cloud app account.

Scan directly to any of these cloud apps:

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Simplify mobile printing & secure information

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The Legal Package makes mobile printing simple, enabling attorneys, assistants and guests to submit print jobs from their smartphones or tablets to any ICE-enabled Ricoh device. There’s no need to track down special print drivers. Just send an email with your files attached to Receive a security release code, visit any ICE-enabled Ricoh device and use the code to release your document for printing.

Say goodbye to having your information sitting around on the paper tray for anyone to glance at or even pick up by mistake. Because documents are only printed once the release code is entered, print jobs wait until you’re ready. Your print data is protected in transit to the selected device using 256-bit encryption, and each release code is valid for one week.