Ricoh’s Integrated Cloud Environment (ICE) gives you more productivity from your ICE-enabled Ricoh device with powerful scanning, OCR file conversion, document delivery and mobile printing as cloud apps. There's no software to buy. You just open an account.

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Embrace Being Digital

Ricoh ICE converts scanned documents into multiple digital file formats— including Word®, Excel® and PDFs. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities are built in. This means that instead of static images, scanning creates practical documents that can be easily located, edited and shared with those who need it, however they need the information.

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Scan Directly to Cloud Apps

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Many cloud apps are available for business productivity, cloud storage, collaboration and CRM. The Integrated Cloud Environment includes built-in connections that let you scan directly to these popular applications. You can save steps by scanning documents into the applications you use right from the MFP.

Simplify Mobile Printing

Ricoh ICE allows you to print anywhere using your PC or mobile device by obtaining a document release code. This pull printing approach lets you retrieve your documents from any Ricoh ICE-enabled device, without installing printer drivers or having to specify the printer from which you want to print.

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